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Theatre Educator


Shabazz holds a B.A. in Theatre Education from Kean University and has a passion for mentoring students of all ages and skill levels.  He has extensive experience working with students from kindergarten through high school, college, and even senior citizens!


Theatre is an outlet to educate, to entertain, and most importantly, to TELL A STORY.  Our world is filled with endless stories.  The actor's responsibility is to have a positive and lasting impact on audiences; they have the power to inspire, to create, to innovate, to offer commentary and to change perceptions.  We are to respectfully and honestly give voice to every individual's story.


This is an art form, that should be taught and learned with diligence, exploration, patience and compassion.  Shabazz is dedicated to developing the performance skills of young actors so they may achieve their full potential.  He sets firm goals and expectations for all students.  All while ensuring the utmost care, respect and support for growth.  They will not only mature in their craft, but within themselves.  Throughout the process, students will develop the FEAR NOT attitude: the comfort, confidence and freedom of a seasoned performer. 

Shabazz is available for a variety of private coaching, workshops, and lessons:

  • Audition Preparation

  • Stage Acting

  • Character Development

  • Scene & Monologue Study and Coaching

  • College Audition Preparation

  • Career Mentorship

  • Confidence Building

  • Coping with Performance Anxieties

For all inquiries, pricing and availability:


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