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A Christmas Carol

"The highlight of the production was during the group scene at Fezziwig’s Christmas party in the Past section. Shabazz Green and Emily Van Fleet, who play the Fezziwigs, are adorable together. Van Fleet’s rendition of Mrs. Fezziwig’s silly Christmas song with the fan was hilarious and was made even funnier by Green’s ad-libs to the audience about how much he loves his wife and her performance. 

Fezziwig’s Christmas bash is a highlight of the show with Shabazz Green and Emily Van Fleet as the head party-hounds."

~ OnStage Colorado


"But it was the dads that absolutely floored me. They're certainly written as very different men, but I don't think I've ever seen more distinctive and fully formed characters from those roles, not to mention hilarious.


Green is the more serious of the trio and the straight man of the piece but still let his individualism and self shine through. Emerson took the awkward but lovable nerd to a whole new level and made Harry a delight to watch. And Tenenbaum brought in some insanely fun moments along with his insanely killer moves making him my favorite Bill I've seen. And all three, of course, have amazing voices."

When it's all said and done, there was not a weak link in this show. From the opening introspective, "I want" moments of Sophie to the roof shaking, disco mega-mix at the end, this production is exactly what it needs to be, FUN! And so, with my three-letter rating system, I give Village Theatre's production of "Mamma Mia!" a "Thank you for the music, for giving it me" YAY+. An utterly delightful and joy filled evening!

~  Broadway World Seattle


"Shabazz Green is totally adorable as Koli and sings the ballads (“Coconut Sweet” and “Savannah”) with more vocal panache than his original cast recording counterpart Ricardo Mantalban. "

~ DC Metro Theater Arts 

"As her finance Koli, Shabazz Green delivered an earnest and sincere performance. The dancers were tireless and cheerful throughout the long evening."

~ Philly Gay Calendar


"A smart, supple production...handsomely polished.  A tale about getting lost, and whether and how you can find your way back."

~  The New York Times

"Hauntingly engaging actor Shabazz Green completely embodies the incarcerated Bilal to a transcendent level.  Moving, always believable and real, he had us with him from the very beginning, drawing empathy and compassion no matter what your personal beliefs or stance."

~ Theater Pizzazz

"Green, as the notoriously rough-edged Bilal, delivers a suitably forceful performance on all fronts. His character is almost more affecting when he is “soft,” emphasizing how losing one’s support system (and finding spirituality) can bring out the vulnerability in even the toughest of people."

~ Plays To See International Theatre Reviews

INTRUDER: The Musical

"Mark Sickman’s new musical, Intruder, ... manages to pull you in with a story that at first seems unbelievable, but then creates layers upon layers of  a beautifully crafted plot. The actors, Robert Newman (Newell Chancellor), Zoe Johnson (Michelle Taylor), and Shabazz Green (Wade) are outstanding, both in their acting as in their singing ... an intruder (Shabazz Green as Wade) suddenly appears out of nowhere. Wade has managed to think about every possible obstacle an intruder would have ... Wade mocks, threatens, bullies, and eventually reveals that there is more to him than meets the eye. He sings (beautifully) and seems to have this uncanny ability with words and music that make him more than just some stereotypical thief. "

~ Local Theatre NY

Out of the Park;
"7th Inning Stretch"

"I found “Out of the Park” to be the Home Run of the night—right out of the park in the first inning, it seemed. Shabazz Green and Eddie Carroll had an incredible connection in such a short amount of time and I felt the audience truly glued to their performances. It was one of those moments that makes you truly understand why live theatre still exists. You can’t experience this on TV ladies and gentlemen!"

~ H Lifestyle Mag

Little Rock: An American Play

"It is a pleasure to see Shabazz Green's Jefferson Thomas, pick up a trumpet and become an uncannily realized Louis Armstrong"

~ Simon Saltzman: CurtainUp New Jersey


"Nine actors assume the dozens of roles, shifting from students to famous personalities, from bigots to friends. Shabazz Green, for example, plays one of the Little Rock Nine, Jefferson Thomas, a father, Martin Luther King Jr., and Louis Armstrong (Mr. Green is an incredible mimic; his Louis Armstrong got a round of applause)."

~ Bob Brown:


"Shabazz Green has a good time reeling off Jefferson’s bad jokes as he demonstrates the easygoing, happy-go-lucky young man Jefferson is, and tries to be, even when Ogden’s relentless bully, Ford, makes it difficult. Green does a wonderful impersonation of Louis Armstrong, who comes out in support of the Nine"

~ NealsPaper :

The Ballad of Trayvon Martin

"Five other actors play multiple roles: Shabazz Green is Trayvon's father Tracy and an impressive range of characters from President Obama to Emmett Till. "

~ Broad Street Review, Philadelphia PA

"...equally appealing but with a rugged edge when relating to his father, played by the gifted Shabazz Green (who also played President Barack Obama, Rev Al Sharpton, and Emmet Till).  The Ballad of Trayvon Martin felt like a black man’s tribute, sung to remind him of his blackness—the fear of which has placed countless bodies in graves, causing black mothers to clutch their chests in anguish. A retelling and a wake up call, The Ballad of Trayvon Martin was well sung.

~  Thinking Dance, Philadelphia PA

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