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And just like that

“RENT” at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center has officially closed!

This production will be one for the record books, to say the least!

Shabazz joined at the end of the Tech Rehearsal process, 2 days before previews, 4 days before Opening!

Shabazz even performed as Collins!
To this incredibly supportive and loving cast, Thank You for this experience.
The universe always shows you where it needs you to be, we just have to listen and obey.

ps - never hesitate to contact Shabazz for any

“immediate replacement” needs! 

In Other News

The train has reached its final destination.

“Murder on the Orient Express” at Syracuse Stage has officially closed.  The phrase is used often, but this one of Shabazz's favorite productions to be a part of! To reconnect with such skilled and lovely performers and friends, to create art with mystery, and the ability to perform close to home was priceless. Thank you Bob Hupp and Syracuse Stage for the opportunity. To the company and crew, thank you for the laughs and memories.

As Monsieur Bouc would say: “Prepare yourself for the most memorable journey of your entire life!”

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