Last year, Shabazz had the privilege of performing an incredible new play “Bars and Measures” by Idris Goodwin Off-Broadway at Urban Stages.

"Bars and Measures" was nominated for 4

AUDLECO Awards including “Outstanding Ensemble Performance.” 

In these tough times, Shabazz has had great opportunities to sit down with brilliant professionals.  Together, they discuss acting, theatre, education and living life to the fullest.

Catch Shabazz and Theatre Educational Professional, Jim DeVivo talk shop for The Young Playwrights Guide. Check it out:


Shabazz also sat down with Patty Zito, Owner and Creator of The Youth Developer.

See their conversation:




Despite all current events, please stay tuned for other projects in the near future!


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In Other News

"Look out the window at the trees ... the branches swaying in the wind, but the trunks aren't moving at all in the wind. We’re a bit like that. When life is blowing at us from every direction, of course our emotions will go up and down and all around. But sometimes we live as if we only have branches. Our goal is to find our own trunk. That way, even when life is pulling from all sides, you won’t be living in your branches. You’ll still be secure and stable."

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