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More information and performances are on the way!




"AXEMAN", a radio drama for a trip of actors & chamber ensemble.

The tale of the New Orleans Axeman is a spooky one!

Mikayla Petrilla on vocals, 

Geoff Pictor as Joe Davilla and others

starring SHABAZZ GREEN as Eddie, our narrator. 



It's Spooky Season!

If you are a lover of Horror Movies and Horror-Inspired Video Games, you can find Shabazz and some of his colleagues on Twitch with the

Scary Movie Society!

Join them for fun content,

watch parties and jump scares.

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In Other News

"Portrait of the Widow Kinski" was a truly unique, special experience.  Vivid Stage did an incredible job in this World Premiere play.  Be sure to support your local New Jersey Theatres.

“Bars and Measures” by Idris Goodwin Off-Broadway at Urban Stages in 2019 was nominated for 4 AUDLECO Awards including “Outstanding Ensemble Performance.” 

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